Vaccine printer concept

What if you were able to print out vaccines, just like a photograph on a desktop paper printer? You could … More

An analogy for Flash Loans

Decentralised finance applications have introduced the novel method of borrowing flash loans. Compound, AAVE and a few other Ethereum based … More

E-bike data analysis

As described in the previous post, I have a custom built e-bike data logger. I am now collecting data from … More

Self Balancing Robot

This is a project I did as part of a group for the electronics course taught by Prof Peter Cheung … More

Building kites

I got into the Kite building business because I want to fly my own kites. I wanted to build the … More

Building a Gimbal (Part 5)

2 problems were solved today. The probem with the gimbal going out of control at extreme angles and the continueous … More

Building a Gimbal (Part 3)

We continue to use the Storm32 board, version 3.2 to get our gimbal going. We managed to dramatically reduce the … More

The London Bus

Here is the London Bus, created in Professor Peter Cheung’s Electronics module at the Dyson School of Design Engineering at … More

Making a potometer

I had to make a potometer for biology class in 2014 and measure the transpiration rates of plants under different … More

A look at Generative Design

Generative design promises to a very useful tool in a designer’s toolbox. Harnessing the massive computing power of the cloud, … More