Dr Jun Wu topology optimised infill

Dr Jun Wu, is I think the fore most expert on lattice structure infill. He works at TU Delft. I think this man eats, drinks and sleeps topology optimisation. He has produced a HUGE amount of unique contributions to topology optimisation, especially cellular structure. It think it will be good if he(or someone else) uses the new algorithms in everyday 3D printing. This is his most important paper for now I think. It shows the various types of infill they have created. Infill Optimization for Additive Manufacturing — Approaching Bone-like Porous Structures. Here they use the natural creation on bone infill for their infill creation algorithm.

This is really amazing. The 3 d printed bones look remarkably like the real bone. Massive congrats to Jun Wu and team.

Dr Jun Wu has also experimented with other cellular structure, such as this rhombic structure seen below.

The above images are taken from Self-Supporting Rhombic Infill Structures for Additive Manufacturing. He shows a way of merging cells in this rhombic structure through the process of 1. Carving 2. Splitting. This is really clever.

Another article by Jun Wu.

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