Self Balancing Robot

Testing the dance robot, putting it through its paces.

This is a project I did as part of a group for the electronics course taught by Prof Peter Cheung in the Dyson School of Design Engineering. The hardware was provided to us, designed by the professor himself. I was a part of a group of 4 who did the control software to self balance. Inputs were from an acclerometer and gyroscope. We implemented a feed back control loop with PID control.

The brief was to make it detect the beat of music and dance. We were given the hardware and had to program it. The brain was a Pyboard, a board with:

  • STM32F405RG microcontroller
  • 168 MHz Cortex M4 CPU with hardware floating point

Programming was with MicroPython, a variant of python designed to run on embedded system. Perhaps the unique feature of MicroPython is its interrupt handling, something which I think is not available in the usual python distributions.

Self balancing robot.

It was great fun implementing the algorithms.

Team members were Mohammed Elfadil, Edward James, Ella Cope and Medad Newman

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