Externally powering a Canon compact camera(and other compact cameras)

I needed to power a Canon camera to send on a High altitude balloon. At those low temperatures at -55 degrees celcius at 30km altitudes, the factory fitted lithium ion batteries could fail, especially if they are exposed outside. However, in my case, the battery was dead on arrival. I got this on Ebay and bid for it. This listing said that it was for parts. The cost in the end was £5 and  £5 shipping.

I went about creating a battery substitute that I could run wires from the outside through.  I quickly did the measurments of the existing dead battery with a vernier caliper and made the CAD model and 3D printed it.

And there we have it. We have the ground and +V wires sticking out of the bottom of the camera which can be connected to an external power supply.

The wires are sticking out of the bottom, and now being powered by 3 AA batteries

Note that the hole at the bottom is deliberately added by the designers to allow external power, just like this. But you would have to buy that special battery piece and the external powersupply.

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