Building a Gimbal (Part 1)

This project is all about making the most robust gimbal that will eventually be launched on top of a high altitude balloon to talk ultra stable, long exposure shots. So this is the early stages. This is Gimbal MK I. Here are some pictures without the electronics to control the motors. The motors are specially designed gimbal motors, model AX GM-2212 bought from These motors are 12N, 14P Brushless outrunner motors that seem to work very well. Motor specification data is barely available so we roughly guessed the maximum voltage to be around 14 volts, the same maximum as similar motors. The green acrylic components are made from Laser cutting 3mm acrylic sheets and screwing down all the parts. The critical matter at this stage is to make sure all the axis’s of the motors point through the center of gravity of the whole gimbal structure so that the motors do not have to work to keep it upright in its resting position. The motors should only kick in when the camera is moved. This is important to save electricity.

The setup with a small knock off gopro camera onboard
The gimbal needs to be balanced by a camera or else it goes lopped sided
Back view
Another view of the gimbal structure

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