Designing and Manufacturing Kite Reels

I was tasked with creating around 30 kits to make kites. The primary component of a kite is the kite and the REEL. I designed and manufactured the reels, with several versions until I made all final reels at once.

These are the first reels I tested.   From the left to right I improved the handling of the reel, making it easier to release the string and easier to hold in the hand.


This is the final design that I made. I called it the Palm Holder. It is laser cut and the string is wrapped around the reel. I used a drill to speed up the reeling.


I 3D printed a attatchment to connect the drill to the kite reel so that the reel can be quickly reeled on. It took around 2 hours to 3D print it.

The kite reel and attatchment, all designed in Solidworks.
The 3D printer used. Its a UP mini 2.
The attatchment attatched to the drill. It has a 12mm shaft.


Then here I laser cut all the palm holder and reeled the string around it.

Here is a video of me loading the string into the Palm Holder. I could load the string in around 50 seconds. I did not have a reliable way to measuring the length of string in the reel except by timing the duration of spinning the reel on the drill.

Here are two more views of the kite reeling in action.

The design was semi successful as it did allow the string to release quickly. However, when winding it in, a lot of string got tangled up because of the twist introduced when winding it in. Perhaps it can be improved.

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