Halfords Apollo Transport E-bike

I have an e-bike for research purposes, which is worth showing in detail here. The purchase link is here. It comes with a 209Wh battery and claims a range of up to 20 miles of power assisted pedalling at speeds of up to 15.5mph.

Here are some photos of the ebike, fully assembled.

Here are some photos of the controller exposed. The controller has a model number B-WZKD2415KA-F4. Manufacturer name is Tianjin Santroll Electric Automobile Technologies.

Connectors appear to be JST-SM series. The 2 pin connector connecting battery to main controller is labed Julet but its not much info on connector type is available online. Only 2 blades on the battery connector are used: 24V and GND.

The main controller is in the back under the storage rack, next to the removable battery. It has the following connections:

The 6 control wires connected to Motor are likely to be:

  • VCC
  • GND
  • Hall effect sensor coil A
  • Hall effect sensor coil B
  • Hall effect sensor coil C
  • Speed sense

The it likely there is a speed sense line connecting to the main controller to ensure the motor does not power the rider over 25km/h, which is a legal requirement in the UK.

The motor label says its a 24 V motor, with power output of 0.25 kW. The manufacturer state on the label is
Suzhou Shengyi Motor Co., Ltd and the model number is SY72420UG0457S1.

The battery appears not to have any output voltage regulation, as the controller is able to directly sense battery voltage to do a battery voltage to State-of-charge conversion for the display. Note that there is no other connection besides Vbatt and GND between the battery and controller.

According to the purchase listing, this is the spec:

Gender Unisex
Type Electric Folding Bikes
Product Set Sorting false
Tyres Kenda K149
Bottom Bracket Semi Sealed 122.5 x 68mm
Cassette/Freewheel Shimano Freewheel MF-TZ500
Chain KMC Z33
Chainset Steel 48T
Forks 20″ Steel Fork
Frame Folding
Front Brake V Brake
Front Hub Shengyi DGW07C-FA – 36H
Handlebars 25.4mm Clame – 600mm Length
Headset Neco H171H 25.4mm
Mudguards Included Yes
Pedals 9/16 Folding Plastic
Pedals Included Yes
Quick Release Front Wheel No
Rear Hub Alloy – 3/8 Axle 175mm Length – 36H
Rims 20″ Double Wall – Alloy
Mudguard Mounts Yes

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