My mechanical Duck(Part 2)

The duck swimming in the Round pond

I got the duck to float on water. It floats due to the bouyancy of the extruded polystyrene underneath the duck. I let the duck free in the Round Pond in Kensington Gardens, with all the other fellow ducks. At the moment, the mechanical duck does not move very fast. And I have to figure out how to get it to turn left or right. So far so good. Maybe I will redesign the paddles to have a second degree of freedom. Actual duck feet have at least 2 degrees of freedom. The analogy to the human body will be the hip joint and the knee. Currently, the mechanical duck has only one degree of freedom and that does not allow an optimal sweep path through the water I think.

Above, I have included a video of the duck in water.

I visited the Natural History Museum to have a look at duck feet. And I found quite a few preserved feet. It was a gold mine.

The preserved duck fee
The HUGE preserved blue whale skeleton in the Natural History Museum

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