My Mechanical Duck(Part 1)

This is a video of the mechanical duck feet in action.

I am building a mechanical duck. It is my attempt at biomimicry, copying nature. I want to amuse myself by driving the mechanical duck around a pond, approaching actual ducks in the pond and see their reaction. I want to make my duck fast enough to chase actual ducks and look like a duck as well.

I have now created the duck feet, simplified into a single beam with two degrees of freedom. The beam is rotated around with a servo, which is controlled by a radio controller and receiver. At the end of the arm, there are 2 ‘leaves” that open and close, depending on whether the leg is on the downstroke or upstroke. On the down stroke, the leaves open to its limit and propels water backwards. On the upstroke, in order to reduce resistance, the leaves fold up. The leaves are held together by a hinge made from PVC tape.

Observe that the feet “leaves” can fold. But they can only open up till they are co planar and not more.

Now my job is to float this device on water and see if the feet actually provide forward propulsion.

I use a Hobby King T4A V2 transmitter and TR6 V2 receiver for the radio control.

The Hobbyking TR6 V2 receiver

I will be assembling all the electronics, mechanical structures in a duck decoy like this:

Image result for duck decoy

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