Seeing what is wrong with this Vaccum cleaner motor?

Problem with this Dyson Vaccume motor was it was sparking spectacularly at the brushes. It still would run but would have a burning smell. When I first picked up this vaccume, It would not run at all. Just a terrible screeching sound. After rattling it a bit, a washer and nut fell out.  Turns out the washer and nut were holding the impeller in place. It is likely that these components stopped the rotor from spinning. What I think happened was the brushes were positioned in the same place while it was stuck, burning the wires right through.  I used a multimeter and found that the resistance between 2 adjacent of the commutator bars abnormally high, around 6 ohms. This was much higher than the 1.2 ohms resistance between other adjacent bars. Probably the wire burnt through, increasing the resistance.  I think any further repairs will be costly because I would probably have to rewind the coils. So that is the end of the motor. From the bin and back into the bin it goes. Or perhaps junk yard to junk yard, bin to bin.


Nearly all the information about trouble shooting the motor I got from this excellent video :

The Information on how to dissassemble the motor comes from this excellent tutorial:

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